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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  November 11, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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around the world. good evening. tonight, if you are watching us, you're likely to be at home. the men and women who serve our country they leave that home behind. don harrison was there as they welcome him to his new home. this is the first steps kathy and his wife are taking in their new home. that's normally a special occasion anyway. it's significant to them to the fact that captain butler lost his legs to a bomb in iraq in 2006. the home was given to them free and clear for the org bannization, homes for our troops. homes for our troops has built over 80 homes for severely injured combat veterans. volunteers from local contractors gave their time and materials to make this happen. jim is the owner of mall lard homes who is the general
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contractor for the project. he says it's an honor to be part of this. >> an opportunity to build a house like this and give back. we feel like we give back a little bit compared to what they give back in a daily basis. >> it was an emotional time for all who were there. maryland's general, jane atkins was there and says captain butler is not the only one who makes sacrifices. >> we commend families for their support. we couldn't do what the nation asked us to do without the support of our families. >> the home is a 2700 square foot one level house that will make it easy for captain butler to get around in. it has a kitchen designed and a guest bedroom that laura already has plans for. >> could promise, there will be lots of military buddies staying in our guest room. >> the but thelers are overwhelmed by the kindness of the community. >> just the community rallying behind the mission, comes from
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the troops, put together. it's -- again, all inspiring. >> captain butler tells me veteran's day is always special for him and has extra meaning for him and his wife. it's the day they walked through their new home for the first time. in chester, don harrison, abc 2 news. >> captain butler was naimentd for the board member for homes for the troops. he will be assisting other projects like this one. >> on a day reserved for honoring the workers. they are dwindling number of vets that played a role in world war ii. richard was a scrawny 18-year- old kid when he piloted a landing craft, lift troops in the first wave while landing in normandy's beaches. >> run the ramp down. and they just shot him. did some work up in the to youer. >> most of those who survived
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the fans of normandy are falling victims. it's estimated we're leaving more than 1,000 war veterans each day. people who serve the country proudly. we want to show you a quick story. his name is petty officer third class, wyatt ebberheart, from 1992, 1996. he looks like he's -- wyatt looks all 18-year-old in this picture. tonight, he's out with his fellow veterans. he's working hard. joining us live from east fort lawn, where he's serving up food with the newest member of the abc 2 family. what a great way to break you a
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new person. taking you to the restaurant. >> we have the clappers here. they are doing their thing. they will do one quick round. just an outstanding good time for the vets. it is a great time here. i want to bring in charlie croulson and the newest member of the abc 2 news team, charlie, welcome aboard. welcome to baltimore. >> got here around 3-4 days ago. having a great time. >> having a great time serving the vets. nationwide's programs, going on for three years now. saying thank you to the men and women who serve the country with such dedication to the country. thank you for your service and coast guard. >> kelly is showing me the pictures. i can't remember being that young. but -- >> kelly did point out, what better way to break in the new guy, by having him serve in the new folks in appleby.
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>> have to do the weather, too. >> charlie, we're glad to have you, man. keep serving up the vets here. you guys are working back here; right? >> yes! >> what does it mean you got to serve maryland's vetsnk we're happy. they are happy. >> you got your flag. you have the flag pin. this is the american flag apple. thank you, guys for working hard for our vets. >> as we do our weather, one signature applebee's. >> three, two, one. >> all right. and as we look at the weather real quick.
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-- yeah. all right. weather, thank you so much, guys. it's a party scene down here. it's a celebration. it really is. 60 degrees tonight. bottom line, we'll stay clear, cool, calm all night. applebees is open until midnight. come on here and get some food. and including these guys who serve in vietnam. we will talk to you guys in a few minutes. thank you for your service tonight. was the food good? >> it was great. >> thank you so much. the meal is really great. thank you so much. >> really appreciate you guys in what you did, all right? >> all right. let's head back to you. great scene in applebees. help a vet out and bring him for a free meal. the city paid tribute by marching downtown. city firefighters and the mayor honored veterans by marching to the washington monument. afterwards, the veterans were
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honored for the korean war and the 20th anniversary of the gulf war. they try to figure out to ease the overcrowding issue in elementary schools. the district has drawn up the first redistricting plan in eight years. brody has more on the plan. >> the plan centers on two schools. ebberson elementary and prospect elementary in bel air. the schools are trying to balance the overcrowding. the goal is to ease the current overcrowding. at the same time, the benefits for an influx of new students coming new to the county for a base realignment. >> we have schools that are severely overcrowded. we have to balance out and we have to balance the entire county. we're looking at the plan to provide relief to students because ultimately it's about instruction and it's about
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student achievement. so we want to make sure the kids have a comfortable environment. >> they are in the beginning of the process and that parent input is crucial. they are having a series of public meetings so people could have feedback there and on the website. we have more, radios. >> drug smugglers are getting more creative on how they transport drugs, customs intercepted a package from the philippines. inside, were dresses with very large buttons. agents say heroin was tut. conspiracy. >> they have officially gone state of state of the art.
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how they pulled a literacy team, to create a. and serving in the military could weigh on your body. we'll show you how a new program has. and this is 87-year-old flight officer robert taylor. his wife nina says, they are still pilot to the. take a look at the next. and homestand. tonight, we salute you.
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what's better than a boat load of new books for an elementary school. how about a newly designed school library to put them in. with the help of volunteers, and the newest attraction. it is spectacular. abc 2 news tim ruckerford was there. talk about coming down to the wire, thursday at manor view elementary in the base of fort mead, dozens of volunteers were scrambling to put the finishing touches on the newly designed school library. they hope to finish up before the big unveiling. the volunteers from target, along with military veterans and community groups were sorting, stacking and labeling some of the 2000 new books that would fill the library shelves. >> i just wonder how many months or days or years it's going to take for the boys and girls to get through the 2000 books. >> as if the day weren't big enough for school principal,
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her boss stopped by for the celebration. no, not the end of the new county school superintendent, although he was there. we're talking the big boss. the u.s. secretary of education, arnie dunn kaun. >> i don't know if i've seen the coolest. thes just families, peashts, in the military. we can't do enough. the student's loiives, sh. >> and they have to pick up and start at a different level. for so excited. >> the second graders opened their eyes to a new group of readings. >> the consequences of neglect are profound. >> if our children love to read early in life, nothing else matters. >> so the -- the cheers went up and who better to keep us critic than a smart library
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user. >> except for awesome and thank you so much. >> and fort mead, tim rutherford, abc 2 news. >> great story. >> the veterans group, mission continues was a key contributor to the new library's makeover. >> just because they were in prison, doesn't mean they had a story to tell. more than 3 dozen veterans inmates, institution are giving back. the personals were allowed to take their harrowing work stories for congress. the person was among the first in the country to take part in the project that began recording stories in 2007. abc is working for you in the veteran's day, feeding those who served their country. tonight, wyatt ebber hart, newest member. while you're serving some so
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veterans -- >> i just saw charlie crous -- big huge serving of shrimp. you guys were in the air force? >> united states air force, yes. >> what's your name? >> dave scope, originally from baltimore city, born and razeed in the mount oliver river. >> i was army. >> and what part of town? >> i live and raised dale. >> sir, you were a navy vietnam vet? >> proud member of the navy. >> and back there, we can't omit the toughest job, military wives; right? >> that's right. >> i tell you what? to give you an idea, it's a good atmosphere down here. i see you are saying a high to a lot of your friends that serve and a good time. >> coach from the heart. from all the veterans.
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happy birthday to all the veterans. >> absolutely. can't say it better myself, sir. thank you. >> and we want to get into our weather real quick and then we will bring in the newest abc 2 news member to say good-bye. tell you what it looks like. the weather has been fantastic. no trouble getting to any of the applebees across the baltimore area. all of them were welcoming vets for free round of hot dinner. i want to show you a look, and the answer, nothing. clean sweep. this is a lot different than a week ago. we will be good all week. take a look, first, at the numbers. i want to show you the numbers. temperaturewise, windwise, we have no wind now. it was a breezy sunny veteran's day. great for the festivities. 48 degrees in baltimore. east in 45. and 47 in ocean city.
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the american league, posting in oc. my grandfather was very fond for many, many years. let's take a look also as we zoom in a little bit. we were at 60. i also want to talk about the -- your neighborhood forecast. one offal pep beal'sing ethic. and as we look at the entire east coast echt cyst. no weather inbound to the state. a very quiet november pattern and the high pressure is above and the weather pattern that's going to hold up very, very nicely. as we go to the overnight period, clear skies, will continue to hold up. there's a lot of love in applebees. tonight, down to 35. tomorrow, a beautiful day as we continue on the veteran's day weekend. we hope you have today and tomorrow. it will be a great one.
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tomorrow night, by the way, clear and cool. nice looking friday night for you. once again, checking out the seven-day forecast. you will see a fantastic sunny weekend on the way. temperatures will be running in the 60s that sunday-- throughout sunday. a chance for showers, big turn in the weather coming next week. back here in applebee's live in east point. it's all about honoring americas and -- this hat is something i've seen all over the restaurant and bar. navy, army, air force, marine corp veterans, all out tonight, enjoying a great meal. charlie crawlson, you are serving it out. >> shrimp and fries. the fiesta lime chicken. two ip tems on the menu. nationwide program they have going on. mike and pete, they say this is going on since 10:00 this morning. >> i have to say, charlie, when
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you said the job, did you know serving food was part of that. >> didn't know serving food was on the en menu. you will take the trade. right mou, we will go to your table. >> and get out this evening and take a vet. according to u.s. census, and many are vets that are wounded by battle. getting back to a normal life could be very difficult especially when it comes to staying in shape. susan looks at what's being done to help the vets. margaret is a fitness fanatic. since she lost her leg in an accident at 18. in a nationwide program, she's
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volunteering her skills to help physically disabled people, especially vets who work out at the fitness center. the program that partners with jimtion around the country. >> the concept, would train other challenged person to help train physically disabled person. >> long droft. after he's order, he needs to strengthen his muscle. margarit is training him how to use it. >> it's difficult to ride a bike. but with this, i could get the aerobic workout. >> and more and more soldiers are coming back from overseas, many health clubs are beginning to understand the needs of the disabled vet. >> we have certain equipment that could give them ways to work upper body or lower body. >> all excellent ways to help the men and women who served
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our country, stay fit and healthy for life. for today's healthy limit, susan. and betty and bernie cox, photo of the son, robert cox. robert served in iraq and is currently stationed in germany. he will be back in the states coming up in march. and this is, what robert's stepbrothers, david, either grace has served since 2008. he's stationed in fort carson, colorado. look at all the toyota's for sale.
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>> back here live at applebees. we have two of america's finest two veterans, u.s. marine corp in my right. he served in afghanistan and the gents man to my left, u.s. army veteran, in the tentment back in vietnam. it's going on until midnight tonight. you could check out the photos in our facebook page. also, more on this tonight. coming up at 11:00. >> kelly, we're going to head back your way. it's been a great time here in
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applebees. >> thanks both of you for your service. that's it for "abc news" at 6:00. we'll be back at 11:00. have a great evening. when i see people trying to sell and old camry, it makes me want to show 'em a new ford fusion. i can't help myself. i'm kinda ready to move up to get to the next level. fusion... yeah, i like it. ...i should probably brag about this a little bit. the projected resale value can't be beat by camry. 33 miles per gallon on the highway. wow. the sync system... gps correct. phone. yes.
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